Senyuan won the "Quality Award" of Quanzhou Municipal Government

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a quality business card

Senyuan won the "Quality Award" of Quanzhou Municipal Government


In April this year, in Quanzhou City, the National Quality City Model City Mobilization Conference and the 2016 City Quality Supervision Work Conference were held. Senyuan Furniture (stock code: 000663) won the third Quanzhou Municipal Government Quality Award. Following another weight quality award since winning the Nanan Quality Award in 2015. This is not only the Quanzhou government’s enthusiasm for the custom furniture industry - Senyuan furniture, but also the brilliant testimony of Senyuan’s 20 years of quality pursuit!

                                                    2016 Quanzhou Quality Award

Senyuan Furniture is the business card of Quanzhou Enterprise, and the Quanzhou Quality Award has become the business card of Senyuan, going deeper into the road of quality.

At the quality supervision work meeting, Quanzhou Municipal Government Kang Tao Mayor, Fujian Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau Zhao Xueping Deputy Director, Quanzhou Municipal Government Chen Canhui Deputy Mayor, Lin Jinlian Deputy Secretary General, Quanzhou Quality Supervision Bureau Director Zhuang Bingxin, Quanzhou City created quality The heads of the member units of the strong city demonstration city leading group, the county (city, district) people’s government, Quanzhou Development Zone, Quanzhou Taiwanese investment zone management committee, the main and in charge of the leadership, the director of the market supervision bureau, the leadership of the municipal quality supervision bureau The heads of the various departments of the organs, the units directly under the authority and the Quanzhou Branch of the Provincial Special Inspection Institute attended the meeting.

The winners of this year’s quality awards are Senyuan Furniture, Jiu Muwang, Tianguang Fire, Minfa Aluminum, and Haosha Industry. The “Quanzhou City Government Quality Award” is selected once every two years. The municipal government awards the government quality award certificate and 500,000 yuan bonus. The total number of awards per session is no more than five. At present, Quanzhou Municipal Government Quality Award has been completed for three times, and a total of 12 awards have been won in the city.

In November last year, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine approved the establishment of “National Quality City Demonstration City” in Quanzhou, and Quanzhou became the third city in the province to be approved after Xiamen and Fuzhou. According to the work plan of Quanzhou City, which was issued by Quanzhou City and created the “National Quality and Strong City Demonstration City”, Quanzhou will work through the establishment of two years, and strive to pass the examination and acceptance of the AQSIQ at the end of 2017, ranking among the “National Quality Markets”. Demonstration city.


After multi-layered work such as qualification review, index disclosure, expert review, company inspection and high-level defense, Senyuan Furniture relies on the foundation of the Nanan Quality Award Enterprise, and further develops the Quanzhou Quality Award Road to create a “National Quality” for Quanzhou. City Demonstration City contributes strength.

As a leading enterprise in the field of engineering custom furniture, Senyuan Furniture will actively build Quanzhou quality business cards, and will also properly maintain this precious business card of quality awards. Senyuan will continue to consolidate its quality four points:

First, highlight quality guidance and promote economic quality and efficiency. Improve the "three quality" level of product quality, engineering quality, service quality, etc.; implement brand development strategy and technical standard strategy, actively participate in the formulation of various standards of associations, alliances, etc., and master the right to speak in the industry.

Second, adhere to the quality bottom line and promote quality and safety construction. In terms of enterprises, it is necessary to strictly implement the enterprise as the “quality first responsible person” and establish a long-term mechanism of quality and safety through the establishment of punitive damages and other systems; the government must implement the “four most strict” and “four and two responsibilities”. .

Third, pay attention to quality culture and vigorously advocate "artisan spirit." Guide enterprises to focus on the main business, inject the quality culture of “artisan spirit” into the whole life cycle of the enterprise, and create a batch of “quanzhou manufacturing” century-old enterprises.

Fourth, earnestly implement the implementation and ensure a complete success. Starting from indicators, projects, highlights, atmosphere, mechanisms, archives, etc., we must earnestly implement them, jointly promote quality development, build a quality city, and create a modern Quanzhou with “innovation, intellectual creation, Haisi, beauty and happiness”. New contributions.